Life was brutally shattered for Anita and Rod by the accidental death of their 16-year-old, only child. Living the agony of their son’s death they drew closer.

“Our life became a flaming circle with no corner to hide. We searched every reflection of spirituality. Life was consumed with work, travel and hours of meditation that helped diffuse the pain. But, truthfully, it was our ever-evolving sexuality that provided the will to live, love and continue to share life together.”

Thirteen years after their son’s death the Chiropractic practice, they had spent 20 years expanding, remained as an unrelenting, yearning symbol of a conformist life as devoted parents. The practice was sold. They needed a new focus: A profession where they could work together and continue to help others. For ten years – with an organized plan to document their adventures – they provided Fantasy Relief Therapy as hands-on Sexual Researchers. During these years their relationship flourished. Their sexual knowledge and compassion for others increased dramatically as they physically and emotionally explored the sexual dreams of others.