Sex as a Loving Act?

A significant amount of negative energy surrounds the term “sex” in today’s society, notably due to its association with atrocities such as rape, human trafficking and child sexual abuse. In fact, documentaries, movies and the news ceaselessly imply that in many cases, sex is being used to harm (rather than pleasure) others. Despite all of the sexual brutality and human injustices that we as a society have witnessed, how can couples still view sex as a loving act? Read More

Vibrating Dildos and Multiple Orgasms?

My friend is forever singing the joys of her vibrating dildo with which she claims multiple orgasms. To me the idea of mechanical sex is cold. I have my hot, loving man and when he is not available I have ten soft and knowing fingers. Read More

Uneven Ground: “Teach Your Children Well”

My wife is the primary breadwinner in our family and works hard to provide for our children and I. However, she also tends to be—for lack of a better word—a huge slob! I feel like I’m in over my headRead More

More Lovin’, Less Sexin’

I can’t keep up with my boyfriend’s sexual appetite! He literally wants to have sex all of the time, so much so that I feel like we don’t get to spend much time being intimate in more subtle waysRead More

Say my name

The other night, my girlfriend and I were having sex and in the throes of passion, she accidentally called me by her ex-boyfriend’s name! She claimed that it was an honest mistake, but now I am paranoidRead More

In Love with Love

‘All we need is communication’Read More

27 Year Old Married Male Explores His Feminine Side

I have been finding myself since revealing that I am gay, noticing so many more men, and it’s like a light bulb has been turned on and everything Read More

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