Interactive Therapy

Interactive Therapy

Dr. Rod Nairne, DC & Anita Nairne

Sexual Therapy, Relationship Counseling, Grief and Loss Counseling


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    Interactive Therapy Offers:

  • Sexual advice for adults – couples or singles – of all ages
  • Relationship Counseling based on our sexual and emotional progression over 43-years of marriage
  • Grief and Loss Counseling – We share how we survived our only child’s death and suggest alternatives to orthodox solutions for tragedy.

Rod Nairne


Rod Nairne’s life was forced toward change with the death of his only child in a hiking accident. The tragedy gradually overwhelmed all will to maintain his established, conservative life as a chiropractor. For fifteen years he studied writing to encourage his emotions outward into liberal expression and away from the confidential focus required to treat patients. Today, Rod and his wife, Anita, work as sexual and grief counselors while they pursue their careers as artist and author.

Anita Nairne

Artist and Art Therapist

Art has been Anita’s life from childhood to studying fine art in Calgary, Toronto and Los Angeles. After their son was killed in a hiking accident, her artistic style changed dramatically. She began to paint from her inner vision with a sense of freedom that flowed without formula. Anita adapted this free style into a method of teaching that allows the most inexperienced student to express and release their emotions by creating art. For fifteen years Anita has taught therapeutic art from her studio and conducts seminars locally and internationally.

Personal Answers to Intimate Questions

We work only as a couple as we interact with couples or singles for sexual therapy, relationship healing and grief counseling. To avoid the detachment that commonly exists between counselor(s) and client we use our distinctive experiences as a bridge to communication.

FANTSY RELEASE THERAPY: For over a decade we advertised with this title as an invitation to our work as Sexual Surrogates. The ten years we spent physically and emotionally exploring and expanding the sexual dreams of others are presented in our story Love is for Sharing. This 334-page autobiography avoids a clinical approach to sexuality—deliberately evading the pitfalls of programmed surveys and the political discoloration of intimacy as a morality statement.

In combination with Rod’s thirty years of clinical experience and Anita’s fifteen years of Art Therapy, this involved practical work as Surrogate Lovers forms a uniquely-expanded basis for compassionate counseling. While there are endless stereotypes, there are, regrettably, extremely few nonjudgmental standards for unbiased sexual research. With Interactive Therapy we strive to diffuse the destructive reinforcements that constantly typecast intimacy.

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