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Religion & Sex

It seems as if the OBAMA leadership has done absolutely nothing to compensate for the BUSH years. In fact sexuality has been buried deeper in religious fanaticism. Where do you think the next four years will lead those of us who believe that religion and sex should not be politicized?Read More

Sexual Healing  – Part 3 – The Immorality of Conservatism

Sexual Healing – Part 3 – The Immorality of Conservatism

Continued from No-name the Masked Masochist. Take heed, My Lady, there are many of you sharing sleep with No-Name’s many brothers. He is not unique. We have entertained countless Lovers-of-humiliation, and while each has a character defined by physical, intellectual and economic boundaries they all have a common quality: Gentleness. We realize a lady marriedRead MoreRead More

Riots: City Facades and Sexual Stereotyping

Phrasing stereotype with sexuality describes a breeding ground for failure. Partying on modern city streets creates a hotbed for catastrophe. The result of each is, repeatedly, dysfunction. Ancient cities had piazzas of stone and brick. Modern cities provide pathways with barriers of glass that separate while they invite. Ancient peasants gave reason to voices that controlled their mood and dictated the will of leaders. Modern peasants gather on narrow glass-lined streets governed only by the dictates of emotion. Leaders-of-old designed religions with moral codes to confine the spirit by controlling sexual expression. Modern societies exploit sexual energy in spectator designed venues of heroes that wrap individuality in clouds of distorted imagery that imprison the need to be sexually creative.Read More

Riots, Death Threats and Bastardized Blame

I was born in the old Grace hospital perched above what is, arguably, the most beautiful city in the world. Geographically spectacular with a cosmopolitan advantage that lends a compassionate edge to understanding others: a defining circumstance that is often lacking in more insular communities. Downtown Vancouver is our home. Here we will continue toRead MoreRead More

Marriage: The loving expression of two or the angry voice of many

Marriage: The loving expression of two or the angry voice of many

Marriage often divides society as it unites couples. Black or white, straight or gay, Christian or Muslim, celibate or polygamous: The walls of separation are as endless as time, as profound as incest, as tedious as a family in feud. Denying a father’s god, or blessed by a virgin priest dressed in a gown toRead MoreRead More