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Sexual Intellect Shines in The Afterglow of Orgasm

Sexual Intellect Shines in The Afterglow of Orgasm

Sexual Afterglow: That deliciously-exposed, lingering mood that separates the men from the boys, the women from the girls. Afterglow brings out the pure essence of human sexual bonding. The artistry of sharing togetherness after both lovers have reached the peak, la petite morte, the little death, the ecstasy that joins body, mind and spirit: Both Lovers.

Foreplay is great but afterglow is better. Read More

Striving for Personal Splendor in a World Saturated by Salt and Sugar

Striving for Personal Splendor in a World Saturated by Salt and Sugar

Striving for personal splendor is the essence of humanity: a reach that should forever hover just beyond our grasp. To advance as a species we must constantly want more, but in this inherent struggle to be at the top far too many individuals flounder in obscurity. Our hunger remains but our desires gradually become less refined, more and more impure until our minds, spirits and bodies are satisfied by junk. We allow our physical beings to be handfed by profit mongers eager to exploit our loss of self. Our souls wander aimlessly in a desperate search to see beyond the confines of archaic creeds designed to pacify insignificance.Read More

Sex as a Loving Act?

A significant amount of negative energy surrounds the term “sex” in today’s society, notably due to its association with atrocities such as rape, human trafficking and child sexual abuse. In fact, documentaries, movies and the news ceaselessly imply that in many cases, sex is being used to harm (rather than pleasure) others. Despite all of the sexual brutality and human injustices that we as a society have witnessed, how can couples still view sex as a loving act? Read More

The Hard and Soft of Sexual Dysfunction

The Hard and Soft of Sexual Dysfunction

The brain that works the penis has a double. It is the brain that works the vagina. The minor differences of each are driven by social demands. Thinking otherwise is the emotional force behind sexual dysfunction. Separating these incredibly complex brains into distinctive male and female minds in an effort to help them communicate is the greatest paradox of modern society. Conquering by dividing has no place in the remarkably rewarding world of heterosexual communication.

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More Lovin’, Less Sexin’

I can’t keep up with my boyfriend’s sexual appetite! He literally wants to have sex all of the time, so much so that I feel like we don’t get to spend much time being intimate in more subtle waysRead More

Say my name

The other night, my girlfriend and I were having sex and in the throes of passion, she accidentally called me by her ex-boyfriend’s name! She claimed that it was an honest mistake, but now I am paranoidRead More

In Love with Love

‘All we need is communication’Read More

27 Year Old Married Male Explores His Feminine Side

I have been finding myself since revealing that I am gay, noticing so many more men, and it’s like a light bulb has been turned on and everything Read More

Religion & Sex

It seems as if the OBAMA leadership has done absolutely nothing to compensate for the BUSH years. In fact sexuality has been buried deeper in religious fanaticism. Where do you think the next four years will lead those of us who believe that religion and sex should not be politicized?Read More

Kyle, a Bi-curious Male asks:

Im Bi-curious, and have explored with a guy a few times. My wife knows that I have been with other guys, however she has a low to no sex drive. I’m the only person she’s been with, and I would like to expand her mind and open her up sexually. Our talks of sex are brief and short, and the small times i bring up adding another person or coupleRead More