My Father The Illusion My Mother The Mirror

The death of a child shatters memories of an obsessive family

My Father The Illusion My Mother The Mirror

Closure: The expression, intended as an end to uncertainty, became a death call when thrust inside hysteria as parents are told their only child is dead. The inference of finality, emphasized by a grief counselor, became testament to the emptiness offered by tradition. Denying the insensitivity of closure, a couple force themselves in directions they have never considered. Refusing to allow grief to build a wall between them, they open to life to find reason for their pain; reason that is constantly destroyed by programmed ritual.

The search for reason uncovers memories of a convoluted childhood. Grief awakens emotion from a life that began in the Homesteader’s world of parents and grandparents who shared space in a desolate shack without plumbing, electricity or central heating as they fought each other for identity. A masked youth consumed by the cancer and early death of a father is exposed by the brutal strength of uncontrollable grief. A past, dominated by Communism in an Atheist family, collapses from the intense dynamics necessary to create a new beginning. This is not a story of finding the orthodox light in old-world religion. This is an intimate account of seeking a way of life to define a new morality.

This memoir is a remarkable story of how childhood indoctrination and aged dogma is forced forward when victims of tragedy attempt to design a future with hope. For all of us who, inevitably, need to survive grief this autobiography describes an original and provocative journey far beyond the scriptures of parents, grandparents or organized belief-systems.

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What people are saying about "My Father The Illusion"

My father died of cancer when I was a teen. His disease and early death destroyed my family. My Father the Illusion My Mother the Mirror has helped me look back at my parents; to understand them. It gave me back a sense of the family I lost as a child.

- Marion F. Prince Rupert, BC

Our child was killed thirty-years ago. This biography is the story we longed for since her death.

- Jerry and Liz M. Seattle, Washington

From homesteading in a shack to practicing as a doctor in a modern community, this story portrays four generations loving and struggling with life without wasting a single paragraph or including an unnecessary word. The old photographs are enchanting but it is the constantly evolving narrative that creates the magic.

- Suzanne J. Toronto, Ontario

A multitude of stories within stories: all connected and all vital. My favorite is the 12-year-old boy working with his grandfather in the blazing sun of an apple orchard sharing a ‘smoke’ while Grandpa details his life as a soldier in WW One.

- George P. Vancouver, BC

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Rod visits his fathers grave for the first time

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