Love is For Sharing

Our Ten Year Flight on The Wings of Sexual Surrogacy

Love is For Sharing

Love is For Sharing stands alone as the erotic biography for adventurous couples.

In a captivating blend of erotica, tragedy and humor, Rod and Anita describe the survival of heartbreak with graphic emphasis on their ten-year odyssey as sexual surrogates. “This book is a masterfully woven must-read for all striving to escape sexual stereotyping.”

The death of their only child forced a loving couple to abandon all sense of their conservative life and open to the world in ways they had never imagined. Contrasting true-life sexual anecdotes with the soul defining effects of loss, their voices describe how their social and religious training limited their ability to deal with tragedy.

Love is For Sharing is a passionate co-authored autobiography designed to blow apart stereotyped walls of gender communication. Rod and Anita’s words ebb and flow but ultimately they blend. It is a book for lovers to read together and play inside never-told fantasies.

This deep-hearted romance tugs at the heart while explicitly engaging the libido. Irreverent for some, for many this will be a provocative love story of healing and transformation.

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What people are saying about "Love is For Sharing"

A love story on the GRAND scale. This book completely involved me: emotionally, physically and spiritually. I cried, I laughed and I got turned on. I was shocked that this couple would expose themselves on such an intimate level. Congrats on your courage.

- Beverly V. Bowen Island, Canada

I really admire you for what you’ve done. You are very brave for writing this book. It is not only intelligently written, it is exceptionally entertaining. An easy read yet complex in the interweaving of sexuality, tragedy and ultimate love. I thoroughly enjoyed every line.

- Tim J. Johannesburg, South Africa

We are a couple in our 50’s. After reading Love is For Sharing, we find ourselves being more open to each other and sharing our desires and fantasies. We choose a story from the book, take turns reading to each other then talk about how we feel about it. We both find the book a turn-on and even after 23 years of marriage we are learning something new. Thanks for the boost to our relationship.

- Sharon and Jack K. Austin, Texas, USA

Near-genius writing, the one-liners are endless. Very entertaining, I have re-read my favorite stories several times and keep finding something I missed.

- Alison L. Vancouver, Canada

I thought good writers avoided descriptive sex; Love is For Sharing is filled with the best graphic sex I’ve ever read. Very sensual.

- Jeffrey T. London, United Kingdom

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