Intimate Echoes of Childhood Abuse

A romance of uninhibited adult reflections

Intimate Echoes of Childhood Abuse

From the scream of the nightmare to the leer of the Demon this is a story of how undying love can solve a deadly mystery. Intimate Echoes is a dynamic tale of child abuse with the offer of relief through true love: A trip around hell on the fiery wings of anger with a soft cushiony landing in the bosom of intimacy. This story evolves with breath-taking speed. Except for a quick trip back into the old-school of secrets, it takes place in seven unrelenting days.

Hiding in the shadows of abuse, desperate men cling to the failed dreams of ancestors. The thrilling scream of chainsaws, the throaty purr of diesel engines and the hypnotic vapors of alcohol fuel the crumbling spirits of men caught up in memories of dead brothers killed playing a macho game. In this valley of drought: Violent injuries, deathly truck accidents and forest fires are a man’s way of life. Sucked in by their father’s dynamic lifestyle, boys are pulled from school and coached to play a brutal game. Like wounded soldiers fighting the ghosts of their father’s enemies they learn the old-world creed of survival: Silence. Child abuse thrives in this valley where fear has long ago been forced into silence.

Suffocating in a steadfast town that lags a generation behind, a vibrant wife fights her husband’s sudden withdrawal and recurring nightmares. A desperate mother melting in the heat of doubt, Mary provides the heart, the soul and the uninhibited intimacy for Rob to search for the source of his pain. Intimate Echoes reaches for a truly adult fantasy world: A space where past and present tragedies explode and blend with dream-like sexual adventures.

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What people are saying about "Intimate Echoes"

As a child I was sexually abused for years by a close family friend. My parents never knew. After reading Intimate Echoes I am able to release some of the tremendous guilt I carried for over 20-years. Finally, I am willing to talk. I have gained the courage to consider a normal sex life.

- Jack T. Montreal, Quebec

My father was killed when a tree, fallen by a mate, pounded him into the ground. Two of my cousins were killed in logging camps. Intimate Echoes has captured how insidious fear forces young men to risk their lives in phoney-macho silence.

- Ronald P. Kelowna, BC

We are a couple in our 50’s. After reading Love is For Sharing, we find ourselves being more open to each other and sharing our desires and fantasies. We choose a story from the book, take turns reading to each other then talk about how we feel about it. We both find the book a turn-on and even after 23 years of marriage we are learning something new. Thanks for the boost to our relationship.

- Sharon and Jack K. Austin, Texas, USA

The remarkable relationship that occurs spontaneously between two socially different women---one lovingly nurtured by her parents, one emotionally terrorized by her father---is magical. Together they provide the depth to allow the male characters to find themselves.

- Maria M. Portland, Oregon

Intimate Echoes delicately contrasts the ugliness of childhood sexual and emotional abuse with the beauty of adults sharing themselves in incredibly sophisticated expressions of uninhibited intimacy. Well done, indeed.

- Bev and Joseph G. New York, NY

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