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In your book ‘Love is For Sharing’ you state that it will take years to undo the damage the Republican Party has done to sexual liberty. But it seems as if the OBAMA leadership has done absolutely nothing to compensate for the BUSH years. In fact sexuality has been buried deeper in religious fanaticism. Where do you think the next four years will lead those of us who believe that religion and sex should not be politicized? Alice 

“The state has no right in the bedrooms of the nation.” Pierre Eliot Trudeau.

Dear Alice, The New-age Republicans have fused religion with politics by using sexuality as a mind-meddling weld. It was easy in a society still floundering in the sexism of the forties and fifties as the sexual freedom of the sixties and seventies was just beginning to define itself with a sense of intellect. In truth, sexually-free intelligence had not yet found a voice in North America. Sexuality was beginning to separate itself from politics and religion in the late Twentieth Century. But it was like a child battling the established forces of parents lost in the imposed morality of their youth. Like Prime Minister Trudeau, quoted above, we believe that modern governments should not concern themselves with sexuality or religion. But they must create the freedom to allow both to coexist within the personal intelligence of each individual. We have laws to punish sexual and civil rights abuse. While there is a government responsibility to police these laws, there is no need to expand them.

It is not up to President Obama to bring intelligence back to sexuality. Sexual intellect is up to each of us. Thankfully, American women just gave their voice to sexual freedom by not allowing their rights to be trampled by old-boy attitudes toward female subjugation. It was truly depressing to consider the stupidity of a modern political force to image they could win enough white female voters, to win the election of November 6, 2012, by restricting female rights. What is even more depressing to those of us who work for sexual freedom is the DUMBING DOWN of sexual expression created during the Bush years and expanding today. Gender equality that was gaining recognition twelve years ago has transgressed to a PERCENTAGE GAME of male INSENSITIVITY verses female COMPLIANCE.

As a male I survived the tragedy of my only child’s death because I recognized that my wife (Anita) was an emotionally stronger person than me. Our relationship gave her the freedom to be the woman she is. Looking back I recognize my mother and grandmother were stronger than either my father or grandfather, although society’s literature of the times suggested women were the weaker sex. Statistics, of then or now, are no match for reality. As shown in Tuesday’s election, surveys are useless. Modern gender percentages related to sexual strengths are only weak attempts to isolate. Their purpose is to control and limit, never to expand and understand.

We have no idea how sexuality will evolve during Obama’s second term. It is up to you, Alice, and women like you to toss aside percentage figures of gender bias and create a new voice for women and men. Personally, I am not a man because of what I share with other men. I am what I am because of what I share with a woman.

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