Kyle, a Bi-curious Male asks:

Im Bi-curious, and have explored with a guy a few times. My wife knows that I have been with other guys, how ever she has a low to no sex drive. I’m the only person she’s been with, and I would like to expand her mind and open her up sexually. Our talks of sex are brief and short, and the small times i bring up adding another person or couple get pushed aside and topic is changed. We make love maybe every 3 months. When we do its great. I’m 29, shes 31. I like to bring another man into the mix because since I took her virginity, odds are eventually she’ll seek another guy to try out and cheat, and I’d rather be there for the fun. How can I help to open her sexuality and create a wild horny side to her? Kyle

Dear Kyle,

No one can create a wild and horny side in another person. If we knew how, we would possess the gift of Gods and control the dreams of those with God-like imaginations. You cannot enter your wife’s sexual fantasy world unless she invites you. You can help create an environment for your wife that courts her into the realm of wanting the joy of sex to become a much larger focus of her life. You courted her, as she courted you, into marriage. Courtship does not end with marriage; truthfully, for successful marriages this is when it explodes.

Your wife needs to understand that sex once every three months would destroy most marriages for a couple of your young age. Three or four times a week is more realistic. With tender words tell her you desire much more intimacy and loving time alone with her.

Kyle you are not bi-curious. You are a practicing bisexual male, and it seems as if your wife is not jealous of your affairs. Your description of her does not describe an individual who would be remotely interested in having a relationship with another man, with or without you. We suggest that you forget the threesome for now. You have a long way to go with your relationship before this should happen.

If you love your wife and want a successful marriage you need to rekindle the courtship. Begin over as if you were courting the shy girl of your dreams. Build a strong communication bond by talking of the home you want to create, of the social structure of the world, about nature and the ebb and flow of life around you as you hold hands and go for long walks through the parks. Stop and kiss under a tree. Tell her you love her as you hold her tight against your chest. Create a mood for trust and the sex will follow; hopefully, much more often.

There is no magic to becoming a great lover, Kyle. It is up to you. Let the courtship begin. Good Luck.
Rod and Anita.

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